Community Engagement

De Novo believes that in order to be effective planners, we must regularly engage with the community in a meaningful way to understand their vision, goals, and values. This means that at the heart of our project approach is a tailored community engagement program that reflects the unique opportunities and constraints of each client. We especially look for strategies to connect with communities in ways that are easy and familiar to them, such as online, via social media, at community events like farmers markets and concerts in the park, and at hosted community workshops.

A successful community engagement program can build trust long beyond the length of a specific planning project. We value our role in helping develop a partnership between community members and our clients, and as part of this effort, we work hard to explain to the public their role in the process and how their input will influence the outcome. Our philosophy is rooted in the training of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) and senior members of our team are professionally certified by IAP2 to plan and implement a wide variety of engagement techniques.



• Visioning Workshops for the cities of Brentwood, La Verne, Manteca, Milpitas, Sebastopol
• Community design charrettes for the Springs Specific Plan and PA-1 Specific Plan
• Community-wide workshops
• Pop-up events
• Newsletters for the cities of Brentwood, Campbell, La Verne, Manteca, and Milpitas
• Project websites
• CEQA scoping meetings
• Study sessions and public hearings with Planning Commissions and City Councils