De Novo Planning Group is a land use and environmental planning firm specializing in community planning, environmental studies, and sustainability planning. The founding principals have successfully completed a wide range of projects consisting of comprehensive general plan updates, specific plans, zoning codes, environmental impact reports, negative declarations, initial studies, NEPA analyses, climate action plans, biological assessments, wetland delineations, housing elements, and development projects throughout California.


De Novo Planning Group is pleased to announce that our recent work on the Brentwood Priority Area 1 Specific Plan was the winner of the Cal APA Northern Section Award of Merit for Economic Planning and Development.


What We Do

How We Work

Our philosophy is to proactively plan and design projects in such a way that public and environmental concerns are addressed and accommodated early in the process. We strongly believe in the use of local knowledge for developing sensible and cost-effective solutions to local concerns. Our solutions integrate local knowledge with the best available resources to achieve recognized national and international standards for planning and environmental management, to achieve a balance in local economic, social, and environmental goals. De Novo Planning Group is dedicated to fostering a partnership with each agency we serve, through listening to the community and stakeholders and reflecting the ideas and concerns we hear in the approach developed for each project.