Due Diligence

De Novo Planning Group has a professional working relationship with a number of real estate developers across California. Our ability to work with public and private clients results in benefits for both groups. Because we work with public agencies, we know what it takes to get a project prepared for review and approval, and because we work with private developers, we know what local agencies need to do in order to attract the type of investment and development that they want to see in their community. 

De Novo can provide due diligence support during the acquisition period to assist with understanding existing land use policy direction for the site (General Plan, Zoning, and Specific Plan guidance), surrounding land uses, key stakeholders and agencies involved in the review and permitting process, and other topics which may potentially impact the entitlement and/or development process. We are also available to facilitate meetings between our clients and jurisdictions to review initial project proposals and identify a reasonable schedule and associated costs.



• Clearwater Senior Living
• Foremost Companies
• Richland Planned Communities
• Richmond American Homes
• Taylor Morrison Homes