LAFCO Services

Our team brings expertise and experience to agencies seeking assistance with Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) actions. Our planning team is familiar with the Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Act and understands the need to closely review and understand the adopted policies and procedures of individual LAFCOs. De Novo’s planners are collaborative and work with our clients to develop approaches to reaching consensus between LAFCO and a local agency requesting LAFCO approvals. Our familiarity with LAFCO processes and requirements for annexations and service reviews, as well as with entitlement processing and CEQA component of projects, ensures that we provide appropriate review and decision-making assistance to each agency we serve.

De Novo’s LAFCO services include:

• Municipal service reviews, both City/SOI-wide reviews and reviews addressing specific services areas (e.g., parks and recreation, water supply)
• Sphere of Influence updates
• Annexation and reorganization application packages and processing assistance
• CEQA documentation and compliance


LAFCO Project Examples

• Manteca Municipal Service Review
• Ripon Municipal Service Review
• Manteca SOI Amendment
• Holly Sugar EIR & Annexation Package