Specific Plans

De Novo provides an individualized approach to each Specific Plan project, working with community stakeholders and the public to identify the vision and goals for future growth and development and the challenges that are relevant to the project’s success. Our efforts emphasize community involvement and close coordination with staff and decisionmakers. Our approach emphasizes context-sensitive, pedestrian-oriented development that is well-connected to and supportive of multiple transportation modes, community services, and public gathering areas. We ensure that each of our projects are representative of the fiscal, economic, and social needs identified by our clients and the local community.

Our expertise includes community planning, urban design, building orientation and massing, design guidelines, and visual simulation. Each of our specific plan projects benefits from our team’s experience in preparing General Plans, zoning codes, and environmental documents. Further, our understanding of the project approval process ensures that our specific plans are prepared with an eye towards implementation.


Specific Plan Clients

• PA-1 Specific Plan, City of Brentwood
• 888 Diamond, City of Diamond Springs
• The Springs Specific Plan, Sonoma County