Elk Grove On-Call CEQA Services

De Novo provides on-call environmental services to the City of Elk Grove for a range of public and private proects, ranging from small tentative parcel maps to large-scale development projects. De Novo works with City staff to identify the project characteristics of each project, then provides the City with a detailed work plan and budget to complete the environmental documentation.

Housing Element Update EIR
De Novo prepared the Program EIR to address the City of Elk Grove Housing Element Update project. The Housing Element Update project included addressed all aspects of the Housing Element Update including amendment of the General Plan to revise the Land Use Map to allow high density residential uses on up to 42 sites and amendments to the Zoning Code to rezone up to 42 sites. The EIR addressed the aesthetic impacts associated with multifamily building intensities, increased public service and utility demand associated with potential development of over 8,800 multifamily units, changes to the hydrology and drainage patterns, impacts to the circulation system, potential hazards and geological issues, and effects on biological and cultural resources. The EIR was prepared under a tight schedule and De Novo met the City's expectations for an expedited process.
Silverado Village EIR
Silverado Village proposes a 230-acre residential community, including 660 single family units, a senior community including up to 125 independent/assisted living/memory care units, a community clubhouse, and recreation facilities, an 11.4-acre park and trail system, 93.7 acres of open space, including a 68.1-acre wetland preservation area and 14.7 acre detention basin, and supporting infrastructure. The EIR addressed a range of concerns from nearby residents and community groups, including concerns regarding traffic, potential hazards, loss of open space, impacts to special-status and protected species, including Swainson's hawk, other raptors and migratory birds, and bat species, impacts to significant wetland and vernal pool habitat, and changes in visual character.

Sustainability Element and Climate Action Plan Subsequent EIR
De Novo prepared the Environmental Impact Report for the City's General Plan Sustainability Element and Climate Action Plan as a Supplement to the General Plan EIR. The Sustainability Element and CAP project involved adoption of the Sustainability Element, which included goals and policies to help the City achieve a wide range of desired results related to sustainability, and the CAP, which included a range of measures to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from a variety of sources throughout the City. The Supplemental EIR provided a mechanism for subsequent projects to streamline analysis of impacts, including cumulative impacts associated with greenhouse gases, as allowed under CEQA Guidelines §§15168, 15183, and 15183.5