SPI Cogeneration Plant EIR

The Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) Cogeneration Power Plant EIR was prepared for Shasta County.  SPI proposed to construct and operate a 31 MW biomass fired cogeneration facility at the existing sawmill site near Anderson.  The EIR included a comprehensive analysis of air quality and climate change impacts. The project site is located immediately adjacent to the Sacramento River.  The EIR included a comprehensive analysis of water quality impacts, including impacts to fisheries and aquatic habitat.  The proposed project would result in extensive use of groundwater for the cooling tower, and the EIR addresses impacts to the local aquifer in addition to surface and groundwater quality impacts that may result from discharge of cooling tower wastewater.   The project required the preparation of a Prevention of Significant Deterioration and Authority to Construct Air Quality permit application, as well as a detailed analysis of Best Available Control Technologies.  The EIR included an analysis of the County’s Emissions Reduction Credit Program, which will be used to help offset air quality impacts from the project.