Escalon Housing Element Update (2)

De Novo Planning Group prepared the 2009 Housing Element Update and associated CEQA documentation for the City of Escalon.  The project was managed by Beth Thompson, with Ben Ritchie and Steve McMurtry serving as principal planners and technical analysts. The Housing Element addressed the requirements of state law, providing a thorough overview of the City’s housing needs and special needs groups.  Detailed analysis was provided related to governmental constraints, including unique issues associated with the City’s Growth Management System, inclusionary housing requirements, and sewer capacity. A detailed land inventory, as well as programs to encourage development of multi-family housing through consolidation of high density residential sites and incentives for development of multi-family units were prepared. The Housing Element also included programs to bring the City’s General Plan and Zoning Code into compliance with state housing laws regarding permitting of emergency shelters, transitional, and supportive housing and constraints on housing for persons with disabilities, and also included programs to encourage multi-family development due to the City’s history of approving primarily single family projects.  The Housing Element was completed within budget and certified by HCD.

In 2016, Escalon retained De Novo to complete the City’s 5th cycle Housing Element.  The Housing Element Update addressed changes to the City’s Code, including Planned Development requirements for housing projects, and potential constraints associated with the City’s infrastructure capacity and planned improvements.  The 5th cycle Housing Element included a comprehensive update to demographic, housing, and employment data and to the City’s inventory of housing sites.  Concurrent with preparation of the 5th cycle Housing Element, De Novo prepared Zoning Code amendments to implement Housing Element programs to ensure that the 4th cycle Housing Element was implemented.