Colusa County Housing Element Update (2)

In July 2012, the De Novo team completed a comprehensive update to the Colusa County General Plan.  The Housing Element update was completed as a separate expedited project to meet the 2007-2014 RHNA period. The Housing Element addressed the requirements of state law, providing a thorough overview of the City’s housing needs and special needs groups.  Detailed analysis was provided in order to show adequate multi-family residential sites in a rural county where most of the multi-family parcels are located within the two incorporated cities.  Key issues included the provision of housing sites in areas served by underfunded public services districts, the provision of adequate farmworker housing, and integrating the updated Housing Element into the County’s new General Plan. 

De Novo was invited back to prepare the City’s 2014 Housing Element, which included a comprehensive update of the 2007-2014 Housing Element.  The De Novo team was commended by County staff and the Board of Supervisors for our ability to work under tight deadlines, and our ability to negotiate with HCD to resolve all issues in a timely manner.