Colusa County General Plan and EIR

De Novo Planning Group completed a full and comprehensive update to the Colusa County General Plan. This work effort included an extensive public outreach and public participation program, a conservation plan for agriculture, open space, and wildlife, the development of a county-wide GIS database, policy development in collaboration with a Steering Committee, a full update to the County’s Housing Element, and preparation of an EIR. Deliverables included a Background Report, Issues and Opportunities Report, GIS database, four land use alternatives maps, the General Plan policy document, Housing Element, and EIR. The General Plan Update included a parcel change request process that provided landowners the opportunity to request Land Use Map amendments and ensured that the updates to the Land Use Map reflected the long-term vision for growth and conservation in the County.

The updated General Plan provides the County with a 20-30 year growth plan that balances the demand for increased services, expanded opportunities for local residential and commercial development, increased local employment opportunities, and preservation of the rural lifestyle and extensive agricultural resources of the County.  Land use maps and supporting policy sets were developed for each of the County’s unincorporated communities that addressed the specific growth goals, economic development needs, and housing needs of the individual communities.

The General Plan was successfully adopted and the EIR was certified by the County Board of Supervisors in July 2012. The Board commended De Novo for our excellent work on this project, and our team was invited back to Colusa County to prepare a comprehensive update to the County’s Zoning Code.  The Zoning Code Update included guidelines for three special planning areas and design criteria for general development, downtown areas, and subdivisions. 

The Colusa County General Plan Update Website can be viewed at: