Escalon Focused General Plan Update

De Novo Planning Group prepared an update to the City’s Air Quality, Circulation, and Land Use Elements to address air quality, climate change, and community health and wellness issues. The project was managed by Beth Thompson, with Ben Ritchie and Steve McMurtry serving as principal planners and technical analysts. The revisions to the elements promoted: 1) analysis of development projects for potential health impacts associated with air quality, 2) a complete streets system, 3) development of high density residential uses and affordable housing within walking distance of health care, parks, schools, and other amenities to encourage walking and bicycle trips, 4) coordinated regional planning efforts to encourage non-automotive transportation and improve air quality, and 5) local design and development standards to provide improved pedestrian and bike routes and connectivity.  The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District reviewed the proposed amendments and commended the City for its commitment to protecting the health of its citizens.